QAC Projects

Data Visualizations

Visualizing WesMaps

Visualizing WesMaps as a network of departments and course prerequisites.

Twitter Project

Analyzing keyword frequencies, volumes, sources, hashtags, and links on Twitter.

The Duckpond

Coming (very) soon.


Students affiliated with the Quantitative Analysis Center periodically give talks on topics such as statistical computing, data visualization, applications of data analysis to academic disciplines. Select presentations are archived below. Some may contain deprecated code, but they remain useful resources.

These presentations were made using Deck.js, a JavaScript library for HTML5 slide shows. Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate, the “m” key to see a menu of slides, and the “g” key to go to a specific slide.


An introduction to ggplot2, a plotting library for R based on the grammar of graphics.


An introduction to googleVis, an interface between R and the Google Charts API.


QAC Projects is an online portfolio of data analysis projects conducted by students affiliated with the Wesleyan University Quantitative Analysis Center. The goal of the QAC Projects initiative is to promote a broader view of data analysis that encompasses topics such as data visualization, scalable computing, and the analysis of non-numeric data—topics which introductory statistics courses typically ignore, but which are increasingly important in both academia and industry.

If you are a student at Wesleyan interested in collaborating on QAC Projects, please contact us via email ( or telephone ((860) 685–3795). We encourage all students to contact us, regardless of their background or major—an interest in data analysis is the only requirement.

Interested students may also find the source code for many of our projects available on the QAC Projects GitHub profile. We release all code under the BSD License and encourage pull requests.